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Get human with us.

Hey there & greetings from sunny St. Pete! 

While you're here, let us share a little... 

We are an active couple/husband and wife duo/St.Pete lovers. Most often, we can be found sweating it up or cocktailing around town. There's no rest for the wicked and when we're done with our morning workout, we hit the pavement to enjoy the city.  We believe clothes should complement that lifestyle. The casual-cool of St. Pete is why we fell in love with this place.

After experiencing a disparity in men's clothing options one too many times while out and about, we decided to take matters into our own hands and put the issue to rest.  There's so little out there, 'athleisure' for you dudes has turned into wearing the basketball shorts you owned in high school with the free t-shirt from your last 5k. -Well, enough of that shit! 

Not wanting to disappoint, and completely aware that many men would claim they do not enjoy shopping in the first place, we are offering you something special- a subtle way of elevating your wardrobe. You can find us at our permanent location or popping up at the places you already hang. No more misery at the mall, no more wasting daylight as you rummage the racks in those discount stores to find the one gem buried in a hundred duds...

Shop smart. Shop stylish. Shop small. Shop us.

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-Gordon & Jamie

Feel free to contact us at: for any questions